Are Vests Right for Me?

“I Don’t Normally Wear Vests. Are They Comfortable?”

Yes! Some people like them tight, some folks like them loose. We cater to whatever you feel makes you comfortable. Some people use vests to cover up, other people like to highlight their features. We are here to make you look good – and comfy!

Vests are warm where you need it (the torso) and cool where you need it to be (under the arms). It’s a light and versatile addition to any ensemble. We add pockets just where you want the pockets to be, and not where you don’t want them. That makes vests useful, decorative and sensible – all at the same time. There’s not too many things you find that score highly on all three categories all at once!

We receive requests of people from all walks of life requesting vests to meet their unique needs… We talk to people on the phone or by email explaining their concerns as to the fit and function that the vest serves.  Some people want a loose  easy feel,  others want a close fitting stylish look.. One thing you can be sure of, once you give us your measurements and describe your purpose,  you will love how you feel sporting your custom made vest.  For the ladies we will even send you trial vests to try on and pin in (at no additional charge) to make sure you get the particular fit YOU desire.

Here is a video of two special ladies who wanted to look perfect performing in their important competition in Del Mar, Calif.  They won top honors, wearing our matching vests! You can see how comfortable they are performing difficult maneuvers with all eyes upon them. Think of the stress! Yet they remain cool and comfortable in their Vests By Charlotte!

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