Traditional Men’s and Women’s Vests

Cpper Suede Loose Fit   28B

Cpper Suede Loose Fit 28B

We get many calls from people saying, We can’t find any traditional vests on line. Everything seems short and tight!  Modern styles are handsome and flattering when you are in your 20’s but most of us passed that time long ago.

Not only are our vests classic and traditional, they are made of the finest quality woolens, linens, brocades and even cottons.  We carefully match the linings and buttons to the fronts but use matching silk dupioni for the backs of men’s vests (not inexpensive acetate). Women’s vests are backed in the same fabric as the fronts.

VI_2013 46-001Not only are our vests traditional but even more importantly are Custom Made to Your MeasurementsNothing is more disappointing than ordering a garment online that doesn’t fit! As soon as you place your order we will ask you to please get out a tape measure.  Our last, but not least feature —is that we offer pockets in every style either outside or inside the vest.

Men's Black and Red Brocade

Men’s Black and Red Brocade

Women's Black Pique Cotton Lined with Black and White Paisley

Women’s Black Pique Cotton Lined with Black and White Paisley

We would like to invite you to take a long look at our website to see examples of expert tailoring! We have detailed pictures of each vest and even of the swatches. We are proud of what we do and I know you will enjoy your new vest for many years to come.

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