Raw Silk– You’ll Love the Texture!

Special Ladies Buttons!  38L

Special Ladies Buttons! 38L Brown Olive Black

Mens Olive Brown Black Textured Raw Silk 39U

Mens Olive Brown Black Textured Raw Silk 39U

Before we dive into woolens for fall and winter, let’s take one more look at our textured raw silks. They will carry you into fall as they are a little heavier (and more interesting) than plain smooth fabrics.  Colors range from cream, cream and brown mixed,  olive brown,  dark gold brown, and BLACK in both men’s and women’s vests AND –best of all –our textured raw silks are all on sale right now!    

Women's Dark Gold Brown 38K

Women’s Dark Gold Brown Textured Raw Silk 38K

Of course each one is custom made to fit YOU.   And, ladies please notice the special buttons we have found to complement your fascinating textured raw silk vest.

Mens Cream Textured Raw Silk 39S

Mens Raw Silk Textured Cream 39S

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