How Many Pockets do YOU Need?

CustomizationsDid it all start with gentlemen  needing to have a handy place to keep a pocket watch over a hundred years ago?  Now the critical item to keep available is the ever present cell phone! We get requests from our friends wanting to keep a pen, credit card, notepad or even a fold of bills handy. Sometimes you just might want to nestle your cold hands inside our fur vest pockets!

We have had requests for vests with as many as six pockets  (inside and out) — and of course YOU can determine the size and location.  Our vests are custom made to YOUR specifications so not only do we make the vest to your measurements, but make the pockets to your needs as well. We have one gentleman who likes to have a custom fabric loop on the outside of the pocket so his cell phone doesn’t fly out when he is riding his motorcycle!

Mens Loose Fit Copper Faux Suede

Mens Loose Fit Copper Faux Suede

Women's Faux Mink Vest

Women’s Faux Mink Vest

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