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how to measure correctly for men and women

Red Vests for Men and Women

That special holiday is fast approaching and there is nothing like a red vest to dress for the occasion.  we have you “covered” — in wool, cashmere, faux suede. velvet, and corduroy!  Our choices and styles range from casual to … Continue reading

Traditional Men’s and Women’s Vests

We get many calls from people saying, We can’t find any traditional vests on line. Everything seems short and tight!  Modern styles are handsome and flattering when you are in your 20’s but most of us passed that time long ago. Not only … Continue reading


Are you tired of buying clothes that don’t fit? Every day we hear that complaint and we sympathize. A vest is a fitted garment (not like a sweatshirt!) and one that is too tight or too short is disappointing to say … Continue reading

Charlotte’s Vests on Glee TV!

It’s so exciting when the phone rings and it’s a Costume Director from a TV studio in Hollywood on the line!  This time it was from Glee, the cutting-edge fashion-conscious show for the young at heart. Glee’s Costume Director knew exactly what he … Continue reading