Womens Copper Faux Suede Plus Size Tunic Vest

Womens Copper Faux Suede Plus Size Tunic Vest custom-made

Price: Starting at: $159.95


Closeout (Size 18 and 28 left!) This tunic is in copper faux suede with long flattering vertical lines. An embroidered detail follows the stitched line going around the neck and down both fronts to the hem creating another vertical detail. The same fabric in both back and front sets the stage the stage for a total ensemble of your choice harmonizing with tis gorgeous lustrous copper color, Lining is copper polyester. The length is a comfortable 30 inches which we can adust if you give us a call.

  • fabric - faux suede
  • color - copper
  • lining - copper polyester
  • back - same faux suede
  • style - straight tunic


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